Monday, December 18, 2023 · 4 min read

API Days Paris 2023 - Recap

Last month, we had the privilege of partnering with AsyncAPI and OpenAPI with the first API Specs and Standards booth at the API Days Paris Conference. This resulted in a fantastic experience where attendees could easily connect with experts in one booth. We had the opportunity to learn from the experience of OpenAPI and AsyncAPI conference tracks.

This is our first time having a booth at a conference, but we are sure it won't be the last. We returned energized for the great conversations, inspired by the great work of the other standards, excited with the great content, and impressed by the great work done by the API Days Team.

About API Days Paris

Apidays is the leading business and technology conference series in APIs, and the programmable economy and Paris edition is the biggest event of the series.

The Conference Theme

In today's intricate digital landscape, APIs have emerged as powerful conduits for innovation, bridging the gaps and unlocking new realms of possibility. This year, API Days Paris revolves around four strong pillars: "Software, Sovereignty, Society, and Sustainability."

  • Software: Software & APIs are the pulsing heart of the digital revolution, from the frameworks that power global platforms to the microservices optimizing niche solutions, Serveless, Kubernetes, Kafka, and many other technologies.
  • Sovereignty: How should sovereignty be defined in the age of the cloud, decentralization, and ubiquitous connectivity, all while empowering individuals and organizations to chart their distinct digital paths?
  • Society: Let's understand the societal implications of rapid technological advances to ensure that we leave no member of society behind, fostering an equitable and harmonious future.
  • Sustainability: Let's explore the sustainable development, deployment, and management of software solutions to grasp the importance of eco-friendly digital infrastructures, ethical AI, and the long-term impact of our digital choices.

Connecting with JSON Schema and API practitioners

It has been great having the chance to connect with JSON Schema practitioners in person. We received lots of feedback, we discussed about challenges and use cases and we created great connections with amazing people.

Meaningful conversations with organizations

It has been great having the chance to connect with JSON Schema practitioners in person. We received lots of feedback, discussed challenges and use cases, and created great connections with amazing people.

At JSON Schema, we are looking to connect with stakeholders from Organizations invested in JSON Schema and its ecosystem, and this event was perfect for it. We want Organizations to be more directly part of our community and be involved in driving our roadmap. We have an ambitious mission, but we need help. We are looking for sponsors!. We recently updated our sponsorship packages, increasing the benefits for every sponsorship package, but this is not only about getting funds; we'd love to explore other types of collaborations like "people-resource".

If you are reading this, your Organization is using JSON Schema, and you like to get involved, let's talk!

Learning from the AsyncAPI and the OpenAPI conference tracks

At JSON Schema, we have been discussing organizing a JSON Schema conference, but doing it alone will require a lot of resources and some years to get its own status. Instead, we returned inspired by great OpenAPI and AsyncAPI tracks, which we think is our path forward! We'd love to host our own track in the future!

We hope to see you next year!

We'd like to thank AsyncAPI, OpenAPI, and most importantly, the API Days Team for their generosity in having us in the Conference, and we hope to repeat this in the future!

In the meantime, you can connect with us in our Slack workspace, the best place to ask questions, learn, get help, or discuss all things JSON Schema.