You can find the latest released draft on the Specification page. Older drafts are expired, but may be of historical interest.

A note on draft naming and numbering:
IETF Internet-Drafts (I-Ds) are named with the editor’s name and a sequential number which resets with each new editor. Meta-schemas are numbered sequentially. Additionally, drafts 00-03 used one document for all three current specs. Most people find it easier to remember the sequential meta-schema numbers, so those are used throughout the site.

IETF draft documents do not correspond directly with meta-schema draft numbers, as a new IETF draft may be published to fix bugs in a previous document without changing implementation requirements or moving to a new meta-schema. This is because it is not possible to edit drafts once they are published, it is only possible to replace them with a new corrected draft.

Latest Snapshot (work in progress)

The next unreleased draft is a work in progress. You can give feedback and get involved on GitHub.

Draft 7

Obsolete Draft 7 Documents

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Draft 6

Draft 5

Draft 4

Draft 3

Drafts 0/1/2

Meta-schemas for these older drafts can be found on GitHub: Draft 0, Draft 1, Draft 2