You can find the latest released draft on the Specification page. Older drafts are expired, but may be of historical interest. The complex numbering and naming system for drafts and meta-schemas is fully explained here as well.

Understanding draft names and numbers

IETF Internet-Drafts (I-Ds) are named with the editor’s name and a sequential number which resets with each new editor. Meta-schemas were more-or-less numbered sequentially up through Draft 7, but the increasingly confusing mismatch between “draft-nn” versions on the meta-schemas and the IETF documents has made that unsustainable. The practice of fixing meta-schema bugs in place to preserve the sequential numbering has also been controversial.

Starting with what had been called “Draft 8” while it was being written, meta-schemas are identified by the year and month of publication. This allows for bug fixes to be published with new URIs (as long as it is not more than once a month).

Table of All Versions of Everything

The specification links here go to the IETF-hosted documents.

For links to the somewhat more readably formatted versions on this web site, and for links to the various meta-schemas and other supplemental documents, see the the following sections.

IETF identifiers meta‑schema identifiers common name notes
draft‑zyp‑json‑schema‑00 draft‑00 Draft 0 due to a markup error, this draft was replaced by draft‑01 on the same day
draft‑zyp‑json‑schema‑01 draft‑01 Draft 1
draft‑zyp‑json‑schema‑02 draft‑02 Draft 2
draft‑zyp‑json‑schema‑03 draft‑03 Draft 3
draft‑04 Draft 4 json‑ref drafts 00‑02 were all published between json‑schema‑03 and json‑schema‑04
Draft 5 meta‑schemas not changed, so "draft‑05" is really draft‑04
Milestone: draft-5 (2016-10-13)
draft‑06 Draft 6 Milestones: draft-6, Meta-schema draft-06
draft‑07 Draft 7 the draft‑handrews‑*‑01 drafts were bugfixes and/or clarifications without meta‑schema or functional changes
Milestone: draft-07
2019‑09 Draft 8 Milestone: draft-08
(TBD, probably only a subset of the documents) bugfixes and/or clarifications, no functional changes
Milestone: draft-08-patch-1
(TBD) (TBD) Draft 9 Milestone: draft-09

Published Drafts

2019-09 (formerly known as Draft 8)

NOTE: All meta-schema URIs now use https://. While currently also available over plain HTTP due to the limitations of GitHub pages and the need to keep prior drafts available over HTTP, only the HTTPS URIs should be used.

Draft 7

Obsolete Draft 7 Documents

These were updated without changing functionality or meta-schemas due to a few errors and unclear sections.

Draft 6

Draft 5

Draft 4

Draft 3

Draft 2

Draft 1

Draft 0

Note that Draft 0 erroneously claimed to update another RFC, and was replaced the same day by Draft 1. It is included here for completeness only.

Latest Snapshot (work in progress)

The next unreleased draft is a work in progress. You can give feedback and get involved on GitHub.

The specification links here link to the XML and JSON sources. We do not provide rendered work-in-progress drafts except near the very end of a publication cycle, during the final review period.