Tuesday, February 6, 2024 · 4 min read

Transforming the technical recruiting industry with JSON Schema

Manfred is a Spanish based technical recruiting platform allowing developers to manage their careers while keeping absolute control over their data. Manfred has been built by developers for developers, leading a paradigm shift in the technical recruiting industry. This case study showcases how Manfred harnessed the power of JSON Schema to redefine transparency, empower developers, and foster interoperability within the tech recruitment ecosystem.


Manfred started their journey with the ambitious mission of revolutionizing the recruitment landscape by prioritizing total transparency and open data. Traditional recruiting platforms offered limited accessibility to personal data, often providing static, non-actionable PDFs. To establish a unique value proposition, Manfred sought a solution that would empower developers to own their data in a universally understood format—JSON.

"While other recruiting platforms rely on capturing your data and then giving it back using inefficient formats like PDF, our approach was completely different. Your data is yours and in JSON, the most used format in the industry." - David Bonilla - Founder


Recognizing the need for a dynamic and developer-friendly approach, Manfred turned to JSON Schema as the cornerstone of their platform by creating the MAC, a standard open source format to define and share resumes. By offering developers their data in JSON format and providing the JSON Schema (the MAC) as the map to use it, Manfred transformed the way professionals interacted with their own information. This innovative approach not only differentiated Manfred from competitors but also provided actionable, structured data, fostering a new level of transparency in the recruitment process.

"After trying different formats, we realized that by using JSON jointly with JSON Schema we would have the flexibility to be able to do anything." - David Bonilla - Founder


The adoption of JSON Schema had a profound impact on Manfred's operations, contributing to transparency, flexibility, and scalability. Unlike conventional platforms that provide static, non-machine-readable data, Manfred empowered developers to utilize their own data effectively. JSON Schema enabled:

  • Transparency and Accessibility: Manfred's commitment to open data and JSON Schema allowed developers to access, understand, and navigate their professional data seamlessly. This transparency became a cornerstone of trust between Manfred and its user community.
  • Community Engagement: Manfred's usage of JSON Schema resonated with the developer community, strengthening its position as a developer-centric platform.
  • Competitive Advantage: The unique value proposition of providing actionable data in JSON format set Manfred apart in a competitive industry. Developers could now harness the power of their own data, making informed decisions about their careers.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: JSON Schema provided the necessary flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs and accommodate the rapid growth of Manfred's user base.

Key Impact Results

The adoption of JSON Schema enabled third parties to integrate with Manfred easier and faster. Validation and documentation became trivial, for Manfred and their partners.

“Using JSON Schema proved to be a key decision to provide the platform with the flexibility and scalability to support the Company's growth.” - David Bonilla - Founder

Manfred - The Company

In their own words:

“Manfred is a recruiting company. Well, to be fair, it's a company that was born to change recruiting, helping the community with more structured, transparent processes and a focus on people.

We help people achieve their professional goals by connecting individuals and companies that share objectives, values, and interests. We search, interview, advise, and present tech profiles to companies. But our mission goes beyond that: we seek to assist them throughout their career journey. We are there, regardless of the stage you're in—whether you're actively looking for a job or not, whether you need advice or are unsure about how to refocus.

Our priority has always been people. We aim to give back to all the developers what they have not given to us. We belong to a very open and collaborative community, but it has a problem: talent acquisition and talent management.

We don't move boxes, we don't move resources. We move help people.”