The latest Internet-Draft at the IETF is v5, published 2016-10-13. (Due to a change in authorship the I-D numbering has been reset). The specification is split into three parts, Core, Validation, and Hyper-Schema:

JSON Schema Core defines the basic foundation of JSON Schema
JSON Schema Validation defines the validation keywords of JSON Schema
JSON Hyper-Schema defines the hyper-media keywords of JSON Schema

They are also available on the IETF main site: core (draft-wright-json-schema-00), validation (draft-wright-json-schema-validation-00) and hyper-schema (draft-wright-json-schema-hyperschema-00).

For previous versions of the specification, please see the Specification Links page on our github wiki.


The meta-schemas are the schemas which define the JSON Schema and Hyper-Schema formats.

The latest meta-schema is draft-04. A future release with additional keywords will be published in the near future.

Core/Validation Meta-Schema Used for schemas written for pure validation.
Hyper Meta-Schema Used for schemas written for validation and hyper-linking.

Standard schemas

These sample schemas describe simple data structures which can be expressed as JSON:

Geographic Coordinate a location as longitude and latitude
Card a microformat-style representation of a person, company, organization, or place
Calendar a microformat-style representation of an event
Address a microformat-style representation of a street address